No doubt a voyager

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Some boats are fitted out in a way that leaves no doubt they're ready for sailing on wide ranging passages. Benevento, a Pacific Seacraft 40 owned by Jennifer and Darold Massaro, is just such a boat. Benevento is seen here anchored near a famous sculpture in New York Harbor. 

The Massaros recently completed a transatlantic with their son Dante. All part of an extended voyage for the three of them on Benevento that started in Alameda, California and took them down the West Coast, transiting the Panama Canal, north to New England and across the Atlantic. You can read more about their travels on their blog, Ease the Main. And we'll have an interview with the Massaros in the 2015 edition of Ocean Voyager, ON's handbook of ocean voyaging coming in February.  

By Ocean Navigator