Nimbus and Torqeedo team up for a full scale test of twin Deep Blue Hybrid installation

Nimbus has provided a Nimbus 365 Coupé to Torqeedo for a full scale test of twin Deep Blue Hybrid installation with a fully integrated power management system. The test period will be approximately 1-2 years in Lake Starnberg, south of Munich. Lake Starnberg is considered a Green Lake; very few boats with internal combustion engines are allowed.

– “Our intention is to build 2-3 boats for customers equipped with the Deep Blue Hybrid System during Autumn 2015. We are super excited to invigorate the E-Power Concept which represents our environmental thinking for the future” says Joacim Gustavsson, Chief Designer at Nimbus.

The greatest potential for Nimbus E-power Green Lake edition is the German and Swiss market. Boating is conducted in most of the major lakes and rivers. Most of them have restrictions on engine size and some have introduced a complete ban on fossil fuels. Benelux region also has great potential with its wide canal system and sheltered lakes with several marinas and good access to electricity supply.

Torqeedo – the international market leader in marine electric propulsion.

Since founding the company in 2005, Torqeedo has sold more than 50,000 marine electric propulsion systems, making Torqeedo the global #1 in their segments by far.

Since 2015, DEEP BLUE is available for inboard propulsion, making it suitable for commercial applications such as water taxis, small ferries, eco-fishing, aqua farms, workboats as well as governmental and defense applications such as patrol vessels.

Nimbus E-power concept

The E-power Concept, also known as “Environmental Power”, represents Nimbus’ environmental thinking for the future, in which we include the entire boat-building process from production engineering to climate-smart materials. We also look closely at construction engineering and hull design to attain ultimate propulsion, striving to achieve a state in which the entire chain makes as little impact as possible on our environment.

By Ocean Navigator