Night vision cap

Cropped Nightvisioncap8

Many people wear baseball-style caps while voyaging. The bill keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your face. But other than the additional warmth they might offer on a cool night, there isn’t much need for a cap in the dark. What if some clever fellow took advantage of the ball cap bill to mount some LEDs? You could switch them on when it got dark and have hands-free light like that supplied by a headlamp.

Colin Rath’s Sailors Night Vision Cap does just that. It has three white LEDs and two red LED built into the bill, along with a switch that allows you to use just two or all three of the white LEDs or just the two red LEDs. Red LEDs mean, of course, you can better maintain your night vision. The batteries that drive the lights are in the read of the hat band and can be replaced. Overall, a smart idea.

By Ocean Navigator