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In a recent issue we wrote about a voyager tracking service called Farkwar written by a live aboard voyager. Now Ocens, which provides satellite communications systems, airtime and service to voyagers, has a tracking capability it calls SnapTrack. According to Ocens, voyagers can get the service by following three steps (from the press release):

1. Signup for the service;
2. Send a GPS position from your satellite device to;
3. View the SnapTrack map

SnapTrack is compatible with most satellite devices that can send a GPS position. These include:
• Iridium GO!,
• Iridium 9575 handheld phone,
• Inmarsat IsatPhone2,
• DeLorme inReach SE and Explorer
• SPOT satellite messenger
Positions can be submitted to SnapTrack by most of these devices either manually or in an unattended, scheduled fashion.

Received positions are archived and posted to the SnapTrack map along with the time of posting and either a device name or friendly screen name you can assign to your device. As multiple points post along a route, SNAP derives the course and speed as well as the actual distance travelled between route markers. A heads-up admin sidebar enables you to expand your tracking period from the default ‘most-recent’ day to any custom period of your choice or quickly change to a different tracked user or group.

To sign up for SnapTrack service visit:

By Ocean Navigator