New Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 sets new standard for electric outboard efficiency

   Manufacturer of the most technologically-advanced outboards on the market, Torqeedo introduced the new Cruise 4.0 R at this year’s METS in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  With an overall efficiency of more than 50%, the Cruise 4.0 R redefines the standards for electric propulsion.

            It converts supplied battery power better into propulsion than any other outboard.  Now, users get more power and range from the same battery supply.

            The new, powerful Cruise model runs on 48 V.  Offering 215 lbs. of thrust, the Cruise 4.0 R has the thrust equivalent to a 9.9 hp internal combustion outboard.  More importantly, the propulsive power, measured as speed times thrust after all losses including propeller losses, compares to an 8 hp gas outboard in displacement mode.

            “When talking about electric propulsion for boats, battery power is always the limiting factor.  Therefore it’s paramount to use the limited battery power as efficiently as possible,” said Torqeedo managing partner Christoph Ballin.

“For electric outboards, overall efficiencies range between 20% for trolling motors and up to 35% for stronger electric propulsion motors.  The overall efficiencies for internal combustion outboards are significantly lower than that,” said Ballin.  “We don’t know of any other outboard that even gets close to the efficiency levels we offer.”

            Designed specifically for remote steering and throttle, the new, lightweight Cruise 4.0 R offers further unique advantages for boaters.  An integrated board computer combines information from the motor, the batteries and a built-in GPS.  The board computer lets boaters have battery charge, speed and remaining range at current speed always under control.

            The new Cruise 4.0 R is the perfect choice for boats on green lakes, pontoon boats, sailboats and catamarans.  It operates on a 48 V lead-gel or AGM battery bank or two high-performance lithium-manganese batteries available from Torqeedo’s Power series.

            Each outstanding electric outboard comes standard with a cable set, fuse, main-switch, remote throttle control with integrated board computer and magnetic on/off switch as well as a link-arm to connect to standard steering systems.  Torqeedo’s new Cruise 4.0 R has a suggested retail price of $3,699.

            Contact Torqeedo Inc., 171 Erick Street Unit 1A., Crystal Lake, IL 60014.  815 444 8806; Fax: 815-444-8807.;

By Ocean Navigator