New STORM-BAG® Storm Jib Introduced By Banner Bay Marine

October 1, 2008  –   An innovative new storm sail featuring a patented “saddlebag”quick -launch design to reduce the time spent on the foredeck is being introduced by Banner Bay Marine. 
Fast becoming popular in Europe, the STORM-BAG® is being shown to the North American market at the Annapolis Sailboat Show, October 9 and the Miami International Boat Show, February 12. 
Easy to rig for safety at sea 
An ingenious design by French sailmaker Michel Sauget, the STORM-BAG fits around your forestay like a saddlebag. You attach it at the bow in a few seconds, and then raise it safety from your cockpit. 
With the included pennant you simply snap the sail’s tack to your roller furler drum or a deck fitting, attach a halyard, and shackle on the included jib sheets (also included with the sail). These three steps can be accomplished in seconds while sitting, or kneeling, thanks to the bag’s compact satchel shape that remains closed, close to the deck. 
Then you return to the security of your cockpit to raise the sail.
As you pull the halyard, the sail unflakes smoothly upward. It is fully deployed in seconds. The unique double layer design wraps snugly around the forestay making it both robust and aerodynamically advanced. 
The STORM-BAG sail’s double-skin construction is very strong: The sailcloth is only slightly lighter than a traditional storm jib of the same size — but everything is doubled. The sailcloth is doubled, the head and tack corners are doubled, as are their reinforcement areas, as well as the number of clews. 
Exclusively available from Banner Bay Marine, the STORM-BAG comes in five standard sizes, for boats ranging from under 27 feet, to over 50 feet.  Custom sails can also be ordered. For the time being pricing will be quoted individually based on current exchange and shipping rates. 
Orders for the STORM-BAG sails will be taken at the boat shows or they may be purchased online at For more information or custom orders, sailors are invited to e-mail, or call 201.452.2834.
By Ocean Navigator