New SOS Distress Light – Electronic Flare

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Weems & Plath is excited to announce its partnership with Sirius Signal to manufacture and market a new revolutionary electronic flare. Named SOS Distress Light, this remarkable product was designed and patented by Sirius Signal. It is U.S.-made and is the only alternative to traditional pyrotechnic flares that meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Unlike traditional flares, this SOS Distress Light never expires which solves the challenge of flare disposal.

The announcement of this collaboration with Sirius Signal launches Weems & Plath’s expansion into a new category of safety products with a growing product selection in 2016.  “Since 1928, Weems & Plath has built our reputation and brand on the principles of fostering safe boating around the world and creating superior products for life aboard.  We want people to be confident that the USCG has given them permission to buy the new electronic flare as a safe alternative to traditional flares,” says Peter Trogdon, President of Weems & Plath. 

“We are partnering with Weems & Plath because of their passion for safe boating and their dominance in the marine accessories market and worldwide manufacturing experience,” says Anthony Covelli, co-founder of Sirius Signal.

Suggested Retail Price:  $99.95

Item # C-1001

By Ocean Navigator