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Commercial-grade Unit Offers a Full-color Display and Easy to Use Rotary Control Dial and Dedicated Dodge Keys

Egersund, Norway – Announcing the new Simrad AP48 Autopilot Controller — a premium dedicated control head for Simrad Continuum autopilot systems, featuring an optically bonded 4.1-inch full color display and modern glass-helm styling. The AP48 provides an ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle and full access to advanced Continuum steering features including Automated Turn Patterns, No Drift steering and Depth Contour Tracking, in addition to a large aluminum rotary control dial and dedicated dodge keys for easy incremental heading adjustment.

The new AP48 offers users the same intuitive interface as the compact AP44, but with a larger rotary control dial, dedicated ‘dodge’ keys, and other extended keypad controls. The rotary dial provides precise steering control, while dodge keys enable instant heading changes in one-degree or ten-degree increments. Designed for optimal control in all conditions, the AP48’s large buttons are ideal for use with wet or gloved hands.


Designed to do much more than keep a vessel on course, the new controller gives users easy access to a range of built-in turn patterns to assist with fishing, diving, or just making a quick and efficient U-turn. For greater control, boaters can customize turn patterns to execute complex spirals, zigzags, and other useful maneuvers.

With a compatible echosounder module to enable depth contour tracking, the AP48 can also be set to auto-steer to maintain a constant water depth beneath the vessel – perfect for following depth contours while fishing or cruising, without having to define complex multi-waypoint routes.


Featuring a simple on-screen commissioning process including, dockside configuration and sea trial, the AP48 offers automatic tuning to ensure optimal auto-steering performance. Automatic compass calibration is available with the Simrad Precision-9 solid-state compass, further simplifying autopilot setup, while ensuring heading accuracy.


“Autopilot control is a vital part of any onboard electronics suite,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “The precision, functionality and ease of use the new AP48 offers gives users powerful, practical features in a stylish package. No matter what conditions you are heading in to, the AP48 offers boaters a vital extra crew member to take the wheel and steer with confidence.”


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By Ocean Navigator