Fiorentino Video Offers Options & Techniques to Simplify Real-Life Deployment


Para-Anchor manufacturer and safety training video pioneer Fiorentino, Newport Beach, California, launches an exclusive para-anchor instruction video entitled Ocean Rowboat
Para-Anchor Deployment Options to keep ocean crossing rowers safe. Crossing oceans with oar power alone is becoming a very popular, extreme sport worldwide. It requires incredible physical endurance to handle the constantly changing environment of the sea, while experiencing sleep deprivation and constant hunger from rowing hour after hour each day.
     Storm deployment of parachute sea anchors is common practice for rowers during their crossings in order to handle rough seas, especially since motors and sails are not permitted. The parachute anchors keep the rowboats positioned correctly into the waves to avoid capsizing or damage to equipment. It is essential the parachute is deployed correctly or the potential for loss of life, damage to crew or equipment or the need for rescue increases dramatically. It is far better if the crew have the parachute anchor with them and know how to use it, to keep them safe.
     After working with rowers for many years, Fiorentino’s head of research, Zack Smith, recognized a pattern of deployment problems associated with rowers using parachute sea anchors and storm drogues. “My goal in our new video is to provide options and tips to make para-anchors easier to use,” says Smith. “I also wanted to provide some trouble shooting solutions to help rowers resolve problems in the event they forget some of their training due to exhaustion or stress.”  
     Chris Martin, the founder of the Great Pacific Race, an ocean rowing race from California to Hawaii provided support in the making of Fiorentino’s training video. Martin learned first-hand the importance of deploying a parachute sea anchor when he was caught in 40 to 50 foot seas during his two-man Pacific crossing from Japan to California, USA in 2009. The conditions were too dangerous for Martin to be out on deck of his 24 foot rowboat where it was impossible to row and there was a significant risk of being washed overboard. “My experience taught me the importance of using parachute anchors,” says Martin. “That’s why the rowers participating in the Great Pacific Race must demonstrate they can deploy and retrieve their para-anchors correctly, before the start of our 2,400 mile race. Fiorentino’s set-up video for ocean rowers will make everyone’s job easier.”
     Fiorentino’s Ocean Rowboat Para-Anchor Deployment Options video is available for free on YouTube channel Fiorentino Para-Anchor. Visit for more information. To learn more about the Great Pacific Race check out and challenge yourself.

By Ocean Navigator