New Logica Yacht features powerful SCHOTTEL Pump Jet between rudders

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"Logica 183", recently launched at shipbuilder Logica Yachts' facilities in Viareggio, Italy, is equipped with one electrically driven SCHOTTEL Pump Jet type SPJ 57 (150 kW). The extremely compact pump jet provides maximum manoeuvrability to the 56-metre-long yacht.
The SPJ is the perfect propulsion solution for any vessel with limited space requirements and high demands on comfort. In addition, it allows silent electric propulsion over short distances as well as in DP mode.
Pump jet between rudders

To meet the special installation requirements in the stern area of the yacht, the pump jet was placed between the rudders. In close cooperation with the rudder manufacturer, a special interface was developed that enables the pump jet to generate lateral thrust by opening up the rudders to an angle of 90 degrees. This allows interferences between the jet flow and rudders as well as thrust deduction to be kept to a minimum.
When higher speeds are reached, the pump jet can be put into a parking position using the control system. This involves a steering angle of zero degrees and ensures that interactions with the inlet, nozzles and impeller are reduced at higher speeds.
Low noise and vibration for high comfort
The SCHOTTEL Pump Jet provides full thrust in all directions and can be used as a reliable manoeuvring system, take-home device, and main propulsion unit on a wide range of vessels. Its space-saving installation achieves minimum displacement loss thanks to its extremely compact design.
A further advantage of the SPJ is that vessels can also be manoeuvred quietly and vibration-free even in shallow waters, such as channels. Since the jet is installed flush with the yacht’s hull and provided with a protective grid at the intake, there is no risk of injury to divers or swimmers when the SPJ is in operation.
Accommodation for 12 guests
Designed by Acube Design and Martin Kemp Design with Pierluigi Ausonio developing the naval architecture, the new yacht encompasses 860 gross tonnes with a beam of 10.5 metres. Key features of the three-deck yacht include a private foredeck area as well as a sundeck that can be completely enclosed by wrap-round glazing. It is able to accommodate 12 guests in six staterooms.
"Logica 183" is expected to be handed over in May 2021, and is intended to be the first in a mini-series.

By Ocean Navigator