New green design trophy

In an effort to spur hybrid power designs, The Royal Thames Yacht Club, the Royal Yachting Association and The Green Blue (an environmental awareness initiative by the British Marine Federation and the Royal Yachting Association) in the U.K. have created the Mansura Perpetual Challenge Trophy as a prize for innovation in the design, development and operation of marine vessels with hybrid or all-electric propulsion systems. The winner will be announced each January. The trophy is named after Mansura, a hybrid powered boat launched in 1912 (in photo) by Jack Delmar-Morgan. Mansura was designed to run selectively under petrol, electric or sail power alone or under any combination of these sources. The petrol engine could be started electrically and the yacht was equipped with electric lighting, cooking and water heating systems. The hybrid power train delivered 9 knots under petrol power, between 5 and 8 knots under electric power and 11 knots under both but just as impressive was the silent running and ease of her operation and maneuverability.

By Ocean Navigator