NEW DataLog Fuel Monitoring Software for FloNET (NMEA 2000) Systems


FloScan has been the world leader in marine Fuel Flow Measurement Systems for over 25 years. Our new PC software, DataLog, was designed to satisfy customer requests for recording fuel usage data for NOx emissions reporting and to simplify fuel inventory control. DataLog also provides the captain with valuable real-time fuel flow data to pinpoint the engine speed to improve fuel economy by 20% or more. And the individual supply and return fuel flow rates and temperatures keep track of the engine’s health and performance. Changes in these parameters under normal operating conditions, such as a reduction in the supply flow rate or a marked increase in the return flow temperature, are a clear indication that something’s amiss and should be investigated. This feature alone could save thousands of dollars in vessel downtime and engine repair costs. Fuel flow parameters recorded and displayed include:

• Net fuel flow rate
• Net fuel usage total
• Supply flow rate and temperature
• Return flow rate and temperature

Vessel parameters recorded and displayed include:
• Speed over ground
• Course over ground
• Fuel efficiency
• GPS coordinates

The data recorded on the PC is automatically transferred to a custom programmed FloScan flash drive as a CSV spreadsheet file. The USB flash drive is automatically synched with the latest “unrecorded” data each time the flash drive is inserted. This can be done daily, weekly, monthly, etc…, to retrieve the data or the file can be e-mailed as an attachment directly from the vessel’s PC. Each commercial copy can monitor and record up to 16 engines simultaneously on a NMEA 2000 (network) backbone. The software also includes custom CSV spreadsheet report generation.

Accuracy, reliability and durability are the critical elements in determining a vessel’s fuel consumption under varying load and sea conditions. FloScan’s direct flow measurement systems are inherently far more accurate than algorithm-based indirect flow measurement systems used on many electronically controlled diesel engines. FloScan flow sensors set the industry standard while also being the most cost effective. Models are available for all makes of marine diesel engines up to 6000HP. Applications include propulsion engines, generators, bow thrusters and other diesel-powered systems.

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By Ocean Navigator