New Convenient Sized Version of Forespar’s Popular Sta-Plug® Emergency Plug

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – Forespar has just introduced a new smaller size version of their popular form-fitting Sta-Plug® emergency plug. Conveniently sized so that one can be located next to each thru-hull opening, the new Sta-Plug® Mini™ is designed to temporarily stop or slow incoming water in an emergency or for maintenance applications.

A soft cone-shaped design, the new Sta-Plug® Mini™ easily fills the irregular shapes of hull impact breaches or any round hole leak from a hose or thru-hull. Unique edge gripping riblets conform to the shape of the hole and help keep it securely in place. Made in the USA from high density elastomer (rubber) composites, the Sta-Plug® Mini™ will not mold or swell up like conventional wood plugs. Its bright safety orange color allows it to be quickly located in an emergency.

Sta-Plug® Mini™ measures in at only 4” tall by 2” wide at the base.  It will plug holes up to 1-1/2” in diameter and will work up to 10 feet below the waterline.  It also meets US Sailing Special Equipment Requirements which state “a boat shall carry soft plugs of an appropriate material, tapered and of the appropriate size, attached or stowed adjacent to every thru-hull opening”.  It is not suitable for fuel leaks.

According to Scott Foresman, CEO and President of Forespar Products, the introduction of the Sta-Plug® Mini™ satisfies a demanding customer base.  "Our customers have long been loyal to our standard Sta-Plug® and repeatedly have requested we roll out a smaller version for their safety needs and peace of mind.”  "The Sta-Plug® Mini™ is intended for temporary emergency use with continuous monitoring only, and most importantly it gives the skipper greater peace-of-mind to allow them to focus on getting the boat to safety”, added Foresman.

The Sta-Plug® Mini™ is now available from select retailers at a suggested list price of $19.95 per Twin Pack. 

Forespar® is one of the oldest, most established boat hardware manufacturers in the United States. They are the number one manufacturer of downwind sailing poles and their diverse line of marine products includes Leisure Furl™ boom furling systems, Marelon® plumbing fittings, PerformanceCare+ consumables and numerous other marine, RV and recreation related products.

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By Ocean Navigator