Nanni Diesels dominate Vendee Globe Race

From the first races, a large number of Vendee Globe skippers have used Nanni Diesel as their auxiliary power. And that dominance has continued wit the latest race, 13 out of 26 boats will use the famous blue engines for their power needs. If Nanni made sails, we would no doubt see plenty of blue sailcloth at the starting line!

From the press release: Since the first edition of the Vendée Globe in 1989 (winner Titouan Lamazou), the majority of skippers have counted on Nanni Diesel to power their boats, to supply auxiliary electrical power units as well as providing technical training prior to participating in this prestigious event.
To the skippers’ immense satisfaction their crews were guaranteed:

On board electric power supply which is essential on the 60 feet Vendée Globe boats

Sea water desalinization


For the last 5 years Nanni Diesel has equipped a considerable number of boats competing in the Vendée Globe
A reassurance that has been renewed for 2008: so far 13 out of 26 boats confirmed participants will be equipped with Nanni Diesel engines for the next ‘around the world’ solo race.
In the meantime, however, technologies and safety regulations have advanced. Today, 60 feet boats have to be equipped with a propulsion engine capable of a minimal speed of 6 knots (in case of an emergency); whereas the engine should be as light as possible.
To satisfy this requirement Nanni Diesel has developed the N4.38 engine that not only ensures emergency propulsion, but can also offer the following features:
Electric power supply

Tailor made connections for auxiliary equipment such as desalinisation, electro-hydraulic equipment…
The N4.38 has been developed specifically to satisfy the requirements of the Vendée Globe, as well as those needed for ocean sailing in general, with the following objectives:
A weight gain obtained due to the latest generation of compact marinisation techniques (see attached document)
Better fuel consumption and a greater action radius due to its E- TVCS patented injection system (see attached document).

A significant gain in electric output due to the employment of an intercalated generator with 4 KW at maximum output , more than 85% > (45% to 50% more than a conventional alternator).

By Ocean Navigator