Mustang Survival Promotes new products & new pricing at US Sailboat & US Power Boat Show

September 29, 2010 (Bellingham, WA) – Mustang Survival will be showcasing its comprehensive 2011 recreational product line and new reduced pricing for select inflatables at the US Sailboat Show (Oct 7 – 11) and US Powerboat Show (Oct 14- 17) in Annapolis, Maryland.
Mustang’s best-in-class Deluxe HIT™ Inflatable Personal Flotation Device (PFD) will be available at a new reduced price through select dealers at the show. Exclusive to Mustang Survival, Hydrostatic Inflation Technology (HIT) ensures the PFD will not inflate due to high humidity, rain or spray and will only inflate when submerged under 4 inches or more of water. With its ultra comfortable design for increased mobility during extended wear, the Deluxe HIT™ Inflatable is the top-of-the-line choice for sailors, boaters and recreational users looking for constant wear comfort and excellent marine safety.
Also available at a new reduced price is Mustang’s Deluxe Inflatable PFDs with automatic and manual activation with or without sailing harness. For users who want better-than-average safety benefits but not requiring the top-of-the-line HIT™ features, Mustang’s Deluxe inflatables offer extended comfort and safety benefits at an affordable price.
Mustang will also be showcasing its comprehensive 2011 products including its next generation PFDs with M.I.T.™ technology. Designed exclusively by Mustang’s product specialists, Membrane Inflatable Technology (M.I.T.) is derived from stretch fabrics used in the medical industry. Mustang PFDs with M.I.T. use less fabric, weigh less than traditional PFDs, and provide a much more flexible fit while still offering more buoyancy and comfort than traditional bulky foam vests.
To see Mustang’s new 2011 products, visit tent D44/45 at the US Sailboat Show and the US Powerboat show. For more information, contact Cindy Cheung at or visit .

By Ocean Navigator