More touch screen electronic chart navigation

Touch screen technology for controlling an electronic device has been around for a while, but Apple’s iPhone has wowed consumers with its touch control abilities. Maptech has had touch screen capability for its handheld PC software for a few years now. But now Maptech is making a push for using touch screen to control its software across a variety of platforms. The latest product to use the  touch screen interface is Faria Instruments‘ Maestro system (at left).

From the press release: In the marine industry the application of touch screen technology started 7 years ago when Maptech developed the first touch screen marine PC-based navigation system (hardware and software) for Sea Ray Boats called Sea Ray Navigator. Later in 2004 Maptech introduced a similar multi-functional display system under its own brand as the i3.

Now Maptech continues to lead by taking its time-tested touch screen marine software, Maptech Navigator™, in new directions and into a variety of platforms.

The new “Maestro Marine” from Faria Instruments runs Maptech Navigator. Maestro Marine is an advanced, comprehensive marine PC-base system including a waterproof touch screen LCD display.

Maptech Navigator is also available from the 2008 Captn. Jack’s Holiday Catalog on two different types of computers: Motion Tablet PCs and the Samsung UMPC (ultra mobile pc).

The Maptech Navigator touch screen software is so intuitive that it belies the sophisticated programming that enables a boater to easily plan and navigate using NOAA and Contour 3D charts, as well as GPS chart plotting by simply moving their finger across the computer screen. No confusing buttons to push or lengthy, bewildering manuals to read. Radar, weather, email, sonar/3D fishfinder, cameras and more are fully integrated, activated, and controlled by touching the screen.

By Ocean Navigator