Moorings and Sunsail choose Micron 66

Applying bottom paint to a boat’s hull can be a challenge, with the need to paint upward while at the same time avoiding the downward-falling drips. But for those boatowners who paint their own boats, usually it’s only one (maybe two) boats and you are done. A recent announcement from Interlux prompts the question, how would you like to paint 2,000 boat bottoms?

From the press release: Over the next 11 months, the bottoms of the nearly 2,000 boats in the Moorings and Sunsail combined worldwide charter fleet will be re-painted with Micron 66 anti-fouling paint from Interlux Yacht Finishes.

The changeover comes after Moorings and Sunsail product testing revealed that re-painting with Micron 66 would immediately result in cost savings and environmental benefits for the world’s largest yacht charter company. “Micron 66 performed to antifouling standards we had not experienced before. Its performance and durability will save the company money on a short and long term basis. We are also reducing the impact on the environment, since Micron 66 does not use TBT and uses less copper more efficiently than any other bottom paint,” said Martin Challis, Group Technical Director for Moorings and Sunsail Vacation Charters.

Designed for the harshest fouling conditions to provide superior, multi-season antifouling performance (haul and re-launch without repainting) for two years or more, Micron 66 is on the top of the Micron range with patented self polishing copolymer technology with Biolux SPC.

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Interlux Yacht Finishes is the leading supplier of high performance marine coatings and forms part of Netherlands-based Akzo Nobel, the world’s largest supplier of industrial coatings.

By Ocean Navigator