Misty under the bimini

Boat mistingThere are no two groups groups of boaters more widely separated. I’m not talking sail versus power, I’m talking temperate zone voyagers vs. tropical voyagers. The last thing a temperate zone boater wants is to get wet. An awning or bimini exists to keep the rail off. For a tropical voyager, however, the awning and the bimini exists to keep them from frying in the direct sun. A new approach for dealing with the heat is definitely for tropical sailors. It’s called the Boatmister Misting System and it uses a pump to spray a fine mist down into the cockpit cools things down. Sounds like an intriguing idea, but do you have to wear your foul weather gear when the mister is on?


From the press release: The Boatmister Misting System helps boaters beat the heat, creating a fine cooling mist that drops on deck temperatures as much as 30 degrees instantly.

The easy-to-install 12-volt system attaches with mounting clips and straps to any bimini top or railA unique booster pump draws only 1 amp, but delivers 150 psi of misting power at the rate of about a (US) gallon of fresh water per hour. The quick-disconnect misting line, T-connectors, and misting nozzles make for quick adjustment or disassembly.

The system is sold ready to use out of the box with a lighter plug and 5-gallon fold-able water container. It can also be installed for permanent use by tapping into onboard fresh water and electrical systems.

Boat misting system

The BoatMister Misting System standard kit includes:

• 150psi pressurizing pump with Mounting Bracket
• 25 ft Black Misting Line (¼” small diameter)
• 7 ft red water inlet tubing with screened weighted anchor
• 5 Misting Nozzles with T-connector Push to Connect Fittings for easy adjustment
• 5 Bimini Mounting Clips to attach nozzle to top
• 12v power plug
• Pre/post 10” inline sediment filters

* Also available: onboard water source quick T-connector & 7 gallon water container.

Choose from SMALL – Bimini/Runabout/Fishing Boats ($US 299), MEDIUM – Pontoon/Cruisers ($US 349) or LARGE – Houseboats, Yachts ($US 399).

For more information, (including videos) about the BoatMister Misting System, visit www.boatmisters.com or call 1+530.295.8026.

By Ocean Navigator