Miami Boat Show sample

The recent Miami Boat Show, as always, had some cool new product debuts. The show remains the place for marine industry companies to show off their newest products. And when you’re at the show it’s hard not to get the feeling that marine technology continues to improve, with so many companies full of smart people thinking up ways to do things better. This trend is particularly evident in the world of marine electronics, where impresive new features and capabilities are an annual event.

Nobeltec announced and showed its new Trident product based on the MaxSea graphics engine. This electronic chart/navigation program has a handsome interface and an impressive ability to redraw from the largest scale all the way out to the smallest. The user controls are changed as well, leading to a less cluttered, more easily readable screen.

Another impressive electronic product with excellent capabilities for sailors was the B&G Zeus Sailing Navigation system. 

From Intellian is the s6HD, a satellite TV product that allows you to watch signals from three different TV satellites at once (for when you want to watch a game and your spouse wants to watch a movie that originates on another satellite).

From the non-electronic side, Northern Lights showed its Wavenet, network-equipped gensets. Owners can connect an NMEA 2000 network to the unit and get a complete set of operating data.

And Sidepower was showing its active stabilizer system that uses twin hydraulic rams for less torquing and therefore a lighter, more responsive stabiliar fin.

By Ocean Navigator