mazu Now Included with Jeanneau Yachts Purchased at the United States Sailboat Show

Reston, Va. – mazu, a leading technology and satellite communications brand, announced today Jeanneau will feature mazu m2500 systems as part of the company’s 2018 boat show special. The new promotion includes a complementary mazu system on all fifty foot and longer sailboats* ordered at this year’s United States Sailboat Show, held October 4-8 in Annapolis, Maryland.**

“We are very excited about the added value our m2500 will bring to new buyers of this iconic sailboat brand,” said Craig Myers, product manager, mazu. “The mazu mSeries provides users with affordable, yet robust global communications capabilities and is ideal for the kinds of boats that Jeanneau manufactures.”

"This continues Jeanneau’s well established heritage of innovation and leadership among its peers in sailboat architecture, design and production,” said Nick Harvey, president, Jeanneau America.

Launched in 2017, mazu is a satellite communications platform that lets users access up-to-date weather, including seven-day GRIB forecasts and NOAA weather alerts, enables global two-way SMS messaging, email, SOS calling and allows access to a full slate of cruising assets such as sea state conditions, and routing services integrated with NOAA and Navionics charts on the mazu iPad app.

New orders made at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis of these Jeanneau models will be fitted with the mazu m2500 bundle, featuring an ISI-2000 communications hub; a compact IGT-2100 smart antenna with a 30-foot digital cable; and an illuminated keypad with message waiting indicator and SOS emergency buttons. For a demonstration of mazu capabilities, Annapolis sailboat show attendees can visit the mazubooth at YB20-YB21.

In addition to the mazu m2500 hardware bundle, Jeanneau is bundling a comprehensive, five-year service package including activation of the mazu service, 12 months of subscription to the mazu “Adventure" package each month of which can be individually activated on demand and another 48 months of activation to the mazu “Dry Dock” service. For further details on included and other mazu service packages click this Connection Plans link.

For more information about the mazu app, the mSeries satellite communications system and other mazu products, please visit

By Ocean Navigator