Matt Lauer sails TMM

Half Moon Caye, Belize – NBC Today Show host, Matt Lauer, was recently sent to Belize as part of their Ends of the Earth worldwide report on climate change. Lauer was there to draw attention to the effects of warmer ocean temperatures on fragile marine environments. While in Belize, Lauer spent time onboard one of two TMM catamarans that were stationed on-location, offshore at Half Moon Caye, near the famed Blue Hole.

Lauer opened his report in scuba gear beneath the ocean’s surface in Belize’s famous Blue Hole. Lauer reported that 90 percent of all life on earth is in some way dependent on the planet’s coral reefs and as global temperatures rise, the world’s reefs have been placed under extraordinary pressure. Lauer went on to file several reports by interviewing numerous environmental experts over a three-day period. Lauer’s visit was only one portion of the Today Show’s worldwide, Ends of the Earth, series that sent reporters to numerous environmentally sensitive locations including Australia, Iceland and Africa.

TMM Yacht Charters supplied two boats with captains for the offshore portion of Lauer’s visit to Belize. According to Barney Crook, President of TMM Yacht Charters, “This was such a great opportunity to show a large national audience the connection we all have with our world’s oceans. It’s exactly the type of exposure needed to help increase environmental awareness and to make sure everyone understands that our beautiful coral reefs are both important and endangered.”

TMM is a personal sized yacht charter company established in 1979 in the British Virgin Islands. They place an emphasis on providing personalized service and top-quality boats to their customers. TMM currently offers both sail and power vessels in three distinct locations including Belize, the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands.

By Ocean Navigator