Marine Medicine – A Comprehensive Guide, 2nd edition

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Comprehensive is the key word in describing Marine Medicine by doctors Eric Weiss and Michael Jacobs. This pocket-sized book (or eBook available for your smartphone or tablet) covers just about any and every emergency and ailment. It covers trauma, two levels of life-threatening emergencies, allergic reactions, sea sickness, seizures, diving injuries, heat and cold problems, and much, much more.

The book is organized in such a way as to provide quick, straight-forward answers with the flip of a page. Nationally recognized emergency medical experts, Weiss and Jacobs specialize in dealing with emergencies that arise under difficult conditions, such as at sea or in the backcountry. Their advice is practical and easy to understand, even as a crisis unfolds — even advice on how to abandon ship.

The book’s appendices include a glossary, non-prescription formulary, medical kit set-ups, emergency services contact information, etc.

By Ocean Navigator