Magenta Project
Magenta Project
Magenta Project mentees joining the Andrews 70 Trader for the Transpac Race are, from left, Megan Gimple, Sarah Wilkinson, Lindsay Gimple and Annie Longo.

In 2019, my husband, Doug Pasnik, and I raced our first Transpac together with a team of 10 on our Andrews 70, Trader, comprised primarily of military veterans (see story on page 22). This year we are doing the race again and inviting four mentees from The Magenta Project to race with us. 

Established in 2015, The Magenta Project is a “collective of passionate people committed to developing pathways and generating opportunities for women in performance sailing” ( Founded by members of the all-women SCA team who ran a successful campaign in the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race, these women know what it takes to rise in a sport where men have occupied the starring roles for decades. The Magenta Project recruits mentors from a worldwide sailing community and matches them with aspiring female sailors from across the planet. The mentors and mentees match in October and work together, off the water, for a nine-month period, planning sport development, overcoming physical and mental hurdles, and inspiring breakthroughs. 

The four aspiring female offshore sail racers joining Trader for the race are all from the East Coast – Annie Longo, Sarah Wilkinson, and sisters Megan and Lindsay Gimple. All have been or are currently mentees of The Magenta Project.

Annie, a Magenta Project alumna, was matched with professional Irish sailor, Damian Foxall, a veteran of an astounding six Volvo Ocean Races! Of her participation in the mentoring program, Longo says, “The Magenta Project is a very rewarding group to be a part of. It’s awesome to be collaborating with people who believe in the importance of uplifting women in the sport of sailing, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with Damian Foxall, who has my dream job!” Speaking of dreams, the dream of participating in Transpac is what is driving these four women to do what it takes to prepare for the 2021 running of this historic open ocean challenge. 

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By Ocean Navigator