M803: Recreational SSB

KIRKLAND, Wash. (January 2020) – Continuing on the M802'spopularity, the M803 is the long-range digital communications radio for blue water cruisers and commercial workboats that require Single-Side Band (SSB) on board. Reach both marine and ham frequencies beyond the horizon with the Class E DSC MF/HF certification.

SSB is a type of modulation that uses transmitter power and bandwidth more efficiently. These transceivers are a very reliable method of long-range communication for wide distances, 75 miles to 3,000 miles offshore and beyond.

Features include a distress call button, dedicated DSC scanning, GPS, two-minute instant replay audio function, and HF email capabilities. The M803 also includes an advanced RF direct simple sampling system that improves higher receiver sensitivity and higher quality audio.

Just like our award-winning M605, the M803’s user interface and color TFT LCD display make for easy operation. The conveniences are clear with the near-180° wide viewing angle, allowing for various installation placement possibilities. The large main dial and keys provide easy access to functions such as accessing MMSI numbers, vessel numbers, and channels with the full alpha-numeric keypad. The microphone and head unit’s programmable buttons allow for swift and customizable access to any desired functionality.
Currently, there are no competing devices on the market, so take advantage of the new M803 to complete your marine communications needs.

By Ocean Navigator