Lunar eclipse viewing

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The late evening of April 14 and early morning of April 15 will bring a total lunar eclipse that should be visible in North America, provided the weather is good and you can stay awake during the early hours of the morning (for those on the U.S. East Coast – in Hawaii, the entire event takes place on the evening of April 14). 

The eclipse will start when the moon enters the Earth's penumbra (the lighter edge of Earth's shadow) at 1:58 AM EDT in New York; 12:58 AM CDT in Chicago; 10:58 PM PDT (April 14) in Los Angeles; and 7:58 PM HST (April 14) in Honolulu. 

Total eclipse will begin at 3:07 AM EDT in New York; 02:07 AM CDT in Chicago; 12:07 AM PDT in Los Angeles; and 9:07 PM HST (April 14) in Honolulu. 

For viewers on the East Coast, the eclipsed moon will be setting in the west as the sun rises in the east, so viewers could be treated to a phenonenon called a "selenelion", which is when an eclipsed moon and the sun are visible at the same time, although at opposite sides of the sky .

Below is an excellent video showing elements of the eclipse which was produced by Michael Zeiler from

Field guide to the total lunar eclipse of April 14 – 15, 2014 from Michael Zeiler on Vimeo.

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