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New Bedford, Mass. – IMTRA, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, announced today it has provided Offshore series LED deck lights, Exalto and Roca windshield wipers, Side-Power thrusters and Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control Systems to lobster vessels throughout New England. The newly-launched lobster boat Sailor’s Way from Stonington, Maine is the latest fishing vessel to be equipped with IMTRA gear.

“The light package the IMTRA team recommended for me works so well,” said Nathan Jones, owner, Sailor’s Way. “The coastal waters of Maine are riddled with lobster pots, buoys and traffic which makes it a challenge to maneuver. I need bright lights to help me navigate and the Offshore series LED deck lights fit my needs perfectly.”

“Our commercial customers in the lobster industry tie their livelihood to the safe operation of their vessels in some of the most challenging conditions,” said Nate Cabral, Northeast commercial sales, IMTRA. “In addition to the lighting and wipers we provided to Sailor’s Way, we have also supplied Side-Power thrusters and Zipwake interceptors to a number of vessels in this vital market. At a recent industry event, lobstermen expressed their satisfaction with the Zipwake system, in particular. Once loaded with gear or catch, these boats tend to be stern-heavy and from the helm it is difficult to see in front of the boat. Zipwake provides them with much needed lift while underway and, unlike trim tab systems, the interceptor’s low-profile design won’t get in the way of their lines.”

The Offshore series LED deck lights are engineered and manufactured to IMTRA’s specifications by partner Vision X for the commercial marine market to provide superior illumination with exceptional durability and reliability. IMTRA wipers are designed to offer unparalleled options on new and existing boats. Both of IMTRA’s wiper partners, Exalto and Roca, have worked in the marine industry for close to 40 years and understand the expectations customers have for quality wiper systems. These wiper manufacturers build systems with this in mind and use marine-grade materials that will stand up to the demands of an active workboat, ensuring long life in exposed, wet environments.

Side-Power is the leading manufacture of DC, AC and hydraulic thruster systems. With hydraulic power being readily available on workboats, and Side-Power’s offerings of different motors to accommodate the vessel’s pressure and flow rate, installing a bow thruster on a workboat has become more common.

Offering unmatched control of running trim, heel or heading, the Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System incorporates patented, durable fast-acting interceptors that provide efficient lift. The key innovation of the Zipwake interceptor design is each blade extends just 30 mm into the water – exactly where it is needed. Trim tabs often project 150 mm creating substantial drag. Zipwake’s design allows for full blade deployment in 1.5 seconds – five times faster than conventional trim tabs and much more efficiently.

For information on IMTRA or its entire product line, please call 508-995-7000 or visit www.imtra.com.

By Ocean Navigator