Lively Lady reaches Australia

Under the guidance of British ocean adventurer Alan Priddy and with sponsorship from Raymarine, a group of British teenagers are sailing Lively Lady, the boat that British sailor Sir Alec Rose sailed around the world in 1968. In the upcoming November issue of Ocean Navigator we have a nav problem by David Berson based on that passage. Below is more on the Lively Lady Project.

From the Press Release: The Raymarine Lively Lady Project, offers young people who, for whatever reason, have not had the best start in life, a chance to turn their lives around. The opportunity to sail a leg of the circumnavigation is the icing on the cake – the real benefit lies in the training they do to ready themselves for the trip. Through the work done over the months before departure they will gain valuable life skills, enabling them to set their lives back on track and achieve their potential or their personal goals.

Lively Lady, Sir Alec Rose’s historic yacht in which he completed his solo circumnavigation in 1968, will make 27 stops on her voyage around the world. On each leg her crew will change and two more young adults will come on board. They will already have learnt about the cultures and countries they will experience on their journey and will have learnt about sailing, nutrition, budgeting, provisioning, organisation and team work in the build up to the trip. On board they will have to put all of that into practice, as well as learn the essential skills of trust, leadership, anticipation, confidence and responsibility that are essential to life on board.

For Alan and all involved, the project is also an opportunity to continue the legacy left by Sir Alec Rose. It was his wish that his much-loved yacht should work out her days, helping to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged young adults. A chance meeting with Sir Alec as a child, followed by a lucky break, kept Alan’s life on track. His wish now is that, through this project and together with all the others involved, he can help many more to achieve the same thing.

“The Raymarine Lively Lady Project is a dream-come-true for me,” said Alan Priddy. “Sir Alec Rose was one of my childhood role models and the reason I got involved in sailing, so I feel very privileged to be continuing where he left off.”

Fiona Pankhurst, International Marketing Communications Manager at Raymarine said, 
“We are delighted to be able to make a major contribution to this project and bring a modern touch to an old classic. Raymarine has been involved with this project from the start, providing essential navigational and autopilot equipment for Lively Lady and, through our increased role, we’ll also be providing extensive support for the crew as they sail around the world. It is a highly inspirational challenge that will enrich the lives of a large number of young people – something that we’re excited to be a part of.”

By Ocean Navigator