Lead acid battery technology comparisons

• Gels are priced slightly higher than AGMs, but both are roughly double the cost of flooded lead acid (FLA) units.

• Gels can have as much as double the cycle life of AGMs and usually more than FLAs.

• Gels have a flat high performance curve until depleted; AGMs and FLAs lose capacity gradually.

• AGMs & Gels are less prone to sulfation than FLAs and are not usually equalized.

• Gels do better at higher temperatures, AGMs and FLAs are better at low temperatures.

• AGMs have up to five times faster charge rate than FLAs and are also better at this than Gels.

• Gels and AGMs are more sensitive to overcharging than FLAs.

• Gels and AGMs typically have a higher rest voltage than FLAs.

• FLAs require more maintenance attention than Gels or AGMs.

By Ocean Navigator