Le Cam rescued

Vendee Globe skipper Vincent Riou rescued Jean Le Cam from his capsized yacht off of Cape Horn this morning.

From Yachting World: 

Riou waited with Armel throughout the day to make sure they were there when he came out. They couldn’t contact him. On one sail past Riou noticed the hatch was broken open and Jean was out. He threw Le Cam a rope three times but unfortunately he couldn’t catch it and was forced to hang onto the rudder for 15 minutes.

Riou wasn’t sure whether Armel could help at that moment and so that’s why he moved closer. After failing three times to get a line to Le Cam, he started to feel desperate. On the fourth attempt Vincent moved closer, damaging his own boat in the process. Jean was able to reach the line. He wrapped the rope around himself and Vincent pulled him in on the winch.

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By Ocean Navigator