Latest version of NMEA 2000 standard released

The latest version of NMEA 2000 has been released. The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has updated the standard to include new developments in marine gear like AIS.

From the press release: NMEA has released Version 2.10 of the NMEA 2000 standard that offers a safe, high-quality means for marine electronics devices to interface and communicate with each other. With NMEA 2000 networking onboard, boat operators can experience a new level of safe, exciting boating.

Released by the NMEA 2000 Committee, Edition 2.10 contains a new message database Appendix Version 1.300 which includes AIS Class B PGN’s. The price for the new 2.10 version is $2,700(USD) for NMEA members and $4,000(USD) for non-members in digital format; or $3,200(USD)  for members and $4,500(USD)  for non-members for the paper version. Edition 2.10 includes a full set of 8 documents and a new Appendix B (Version 1.300 is included).  An electronic version of Appendix B Version 1.300 can be purchased separately for $595. 

 “The marketplace has been asking for NMEA 2000 AIS Class B messages,•bCrLf said Steve Spitzer, NMEA’s Technical Director.  “Now that AIS Class B products can be sold in the U.S. marketplace, we are sure we will begin to see NMEA 2000 Certified AIS products.•bCrLf 

Current owners of the NMEA 2000 Standard or owners of the NMEA 2000 Appendix B can download the new Version Appendix B 1.300 for free, he said.  Contact for the free download.

Support and information on the NMEA 2000 Standard, available at,  includes a list of NMEA certified products, NMEA trained dealers, white papers and downloads of certification information, manufacturer codes, parameter group descriptions and certification tool updates. Other information available covers the certification process and PGN messages.

“The NMEA 2000 Standard and its physical components have become increasingly adopted by the maritime community, both in recreational boating and in the commercial marine sector as well,•bCrLf Spitzer said. Now more than 35 manufacturers of marine electronics have certified nearly 100 products to the NMEA 2000 Standard. “Every day we are having more and more manufacturers inquiring and/or developing NMEA 2000 certified products.•bCrLf

The NMEA 2000 Standard offers a safe, high-quality means for marine electronics devices to interface and communicate with each other. Benefits for the boat and ship operators include the following:
• Marine electronics devices from different manufacturers can communicate with each other and operate efficiently and safely. Equipment built by manufacturers to the NMEA 2000® Standard can share data and commands on the boat’s network.

• The NMEA 2000 Standard, built by and maintained by industry leaders, includes message priority and collision avoidance.

• The NMEA 2000 Standard provides boat and ship operators with choices for their product needs. The NMEA 2000 is an extremely robust system that maximizes the ability for consumers to make the choices of products that they want on one network.

By Ocean Navigator