KVH Unveils Ultra-Compact TracVision M1

MIDDLETOWN, RI – October 30, 2008 – As KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI) unveils its new TracVision® M1 today at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, owners of boats as small as 20′ are finding cause for celebration. Thanks to the ultra-compact TracVision M1, they join the ranks of boaters able to enjoy high-quality satellite TV aboard their vessels, making the dream of watching the big game a reality whether they are at the dock, during a big fishing trip, or cruising with the family. At only 7.5 lbs., and with a 12.5″ antenna, the groundbreaking TracVision M1 is the world’s smallest and lightest maritime antenna to support DIRECTV® service throughout the continental United States and its coastal waters. Adding to its appeal is the integrated 12V DIRECTV receiver/controller that comes with the antenna, support for multiple mounting options on powerboats and sailboats, and the antenna’s single-cable installation design. “KVH innovation repeatedly changes what is possible when it comes to satellite TV at sea. For years, industry wisdom held that you needed at least an 18″ diameter antenna to enjoy satellite TV. Two years ago, we shattered that myth with our 14″ TracVision M3 antenna. Now, we’ve set a new standard for compact design with our 12.5” TracVision M1 antenna,€VbCrLf says Brent Bruun, vice president of business development at KVH. “Our exclusive, high-efficiency RingFireTM technology enables KVH to provide the high signal gain needed to receive DIRECTV service throughout the coastal United States, something no competing product in this antenna class can match.€VbCrLf

The new all-digital TracVision M1 is fully automatic, connecting boaters to more than 300 channels of DIRECTV programming and satellite radio music. Its powerful motors are extremely quiet while still responsive enough to support rock solid in-motion tracking even aboard small vessels, which present a far more challenging dynamic environment than larger boats. The system’s high-efficiency 12.5″ antenna requires only a single cable for easy installation, even when an installation includes multiple receivers.

“The TracVision M1 brings the ease of use and outstanding reception you would expect on a yacht to small powerboats, sailboats, and boaters who are looking for an easy do-it-yourself in- motion satellite TV solution,€VbCrLf explains Jim George, KVH’s director of satellite sales. “It offers all the features these boaters want – fantastic DIRECTV programming, a lightweight and rugged antenna, easy single-cable installation for one or more receivers, crystal-clear reception throughout the continental United States, and the proven reliability of KVH’s award-winning products and service. Best of all, it’s an out-of-box solution – so long as the boater has a TV screen onboard, the TracVision M1 includes everything necessary to enjoy DIRECTV at sea. Our Airtime Services Group will even help activate a boater’s DIRECTV subscription – it really couldn’t be easier or more hassle-free.€VbCrLf

Visit http://www.tracvision.com for complete details regarding the TracVision M1 and the rest of KVH’s award-winning TracVision product line.

By Ocean Navigator