Introducing the Current Awards – Honoring Influencers in the Marine Industry

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Saint Augustine, Fla. – The inaugural Current Awards, hosted by Social Navigator, will take place on Thursday, February 13th at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show.

Honoring the best of social media in the marine industry, the Current Awards will recognize the influencers and brands that have made an impact through outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more. 
Social media provides opportunities for both rising stars and established organizations, and builds bridges between target audiences and brands. Influencers can spark a viral impact that can change the world through increased awareness and by magnifying word-of-mouth marketing to include the masses. At the Current Awards, Social Navigator will recognize these influencers for their accomplishments. 
“It’s amazing to see the power influencers hold,” said Kirsten Corssen, managing partner, Social Navigator. “It’s an outlet for the audiences to learn, dream, and grow – especially for boaters.” Explaining the current codependency of the market, Corssen continued, “Brands and influencers are now a team when it comes to success in the current market. The work of influencers multiplies brand growth benefitting both. Together they create a strong current.” 
The Current Awards event will provide influencers with the opportunity to share their success and will recognize their creative impact and the importance they hold in the industry. The influencers reside in four different marine categories: Saltwater, Fresh Water, Sailing/Cruising, and General Boating. Each category will also be divided into the subcategories of creativity and effectiveness. Judges will be renowned figures from every division of the industry. 
The award ceremony will be open to the public. For more details on the event and how to enter, please visit

By Ocean Navigator