Introducing STS HSR: Stronger Than Steel

New England Ropes Introduces Heat-Set Ropes

Fall River, MA – New England Ropes constantly strives to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations creating new and innovative products that yield the optimum levels of strength, durability, and performance.  This was the inspiration behind bringing the STS technology of heat-set ropes (HSR) to New England Ropes.

The STS Technology
STS Stronger than Steel Technology is based on a very precise process that utilizes extreme levels of both tension and temperature in order to balance fiber lengths within a rope’s cross section.  This process, in essence, presets the rope resulting in the maximization of strength, the minimization of constructional elastic elongation, and a longer service life for the rope. Furthermore, it creates a very robust rope cross section and a closed structure that is durable even without a cover. New England Ropes STS ropes are constructed using a precisely controlled process which utilizes the ideal balance of temperature and tensioning thanks to uniform tension, uniform heating, and minimized rotation of the rope during the entire process

“Innovation is our main objective at New England Ropes,” says Pleasure Marine Market Manager, Kevin Coughlin.  “Our goal is to be a global leader when it comes to product development and customer service and STS HSR in a true testament to that.  We are the first rope company in all of North America to heat-set DYNEEMA® and our heat-setting process delivers increased strength and performance and yields a significant reduction in constructional elongation.  

The STS Advantage
With STS, end users have the option to use a rope with a smaller diameter without losing and in most cases gaining additional tensile strength.  This will, in turn, reduce the overall weight of the line.  The STS process guarantees 28 % more breaking strength and a minimum of 90 % less constructional elongation in comparison to conventional fiber ropes across all rope diameters. 

Global Collaboration
STS Technology was developed by the TEUFELBERGER Corporation, the global leader in rope manufacturing, in conjunction with its subsidiary brands: TEUFELBERGER, New England Ropes, and FSE Robline. It was an enormous collaborative effort in both North America and Europe to design, construct, test, and add this revolutionary heat set rope to our innovative family of products. This strong commitment to global collaboration and innovation ensures that our products will continue to be of the highest quality and will achieve the ultimate levels of performance. Ropes with the STS technology will be offered for different field applications within the TEUFELBERGER product range including:  Commercial Marine, Arborist, Forestry etc.

About New England Ropes Corporation
Since 1967, New England Ropes Corporation has manufactured products using the finest first-class fiber, world-class manufacturing, and innovative design and engineering.  Driven by excellence and innovation, our products continue to be trusted to perform by our numerous customers across a broad array of markets which include Arborist, Climbing and Recreation, Commercial Marine, Entertainment, Equine, Government, Industrial and Utility, Pleasure Marine, and Safety and Rescue.  The New England Ropes Corporation is a proud member of the New England Ropes Group.

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About the TEUFELBERGER Group
The name TEUFELBERGER stands for a dynamic group of companies working with three key technologies in three strategic divisions and relying on more than 220 years of experience. In 2012, 800 highly motivated employees succeeded in achieving sales of about EUR 165 million.

In addition to the segment of Synthetic Fibers (fiber ropes for marine applications, high-performance ropes for industry, forestry, arboriculture, and special-purpose applications, overbraiding and metal-composite interconnections), TEUFELBERGER is also active in the production of Steel Wire Ropes for ropeways, cranes, and for use in forestry, as well as Extrusion (plastic strapping and baler twines). TEUFELBERGER operates production facilities in five locations: two sites in Wels (Upper Austria; all products), and one each in St. Aegyd (Lower Austria; wire ropes), Veselí nad Lužnicí (Czech Republic, fiber ropes), and Fall River (U.S., fiber ropes).

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