Introducing “Gretchen Haas” our new Haas GR-712 CNC Router

Thomaston, ME:  Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding (LMB) has a new in-house CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) department. This department will use 3D CAD (Computer Assisted Design) and CAM (Computer Assisted Machining) software to send part geometry data directly from the LMB design office to our new CNC router a Haas GR-712 aka “Gretchen Haas”. Gretchen can cut a myriad of parts from hull molds, to bulkheads, to custom designed stainless steel and aluminum fittings with a previously unattainable accuracy and speed thus improving productivity and quality of the product.

Lyman-Morse has utilized outside sources of CNC technology for several years. We have hired CNC shops to cut molds for our fiberglass parts, joinery panels for our interior woodwork, aluminum electrical panels, foam core kits, hull-half models, tank testing models, and many, many more parts and pieces that go into the development and production of our boats.  Now all this work can come in-house. “The benefits of having this new machine and capabilities benefit all LMB employees by making the yard more competitive in the marine marketplace and expands LMB’s business into other non-marine industries,” said Drew Lyman, President of Lyman-Morse. 

CNC technology works by sending Cartesian coordinates, generated by a computer to a milling machine or router which then cuts the corresponding shapes using any number of materials. The precision attainable with these machines can be measured in thousandths of inches, and parts can be cut in a fraction of the time that is required when using manual cutting tools thus eliminating costly waste of materials and time.

Having this capability is an additional arrow in our quiver to bring not only the best boat building projects but other projects to Lyman-Morse. We will continue to supplement our primary boatbuilding and service business by offering our CNC services to other small businesses in a variety of industries. Our router will be the biggest CNC router north of Topsham and is capable of cutting heavier material than other routers in the mid-coast area.

Over the course of the next year, we will insert CNC technology directly into every possible part of our manufacturing process. Our project managers are identifying all parts and pieces on our boats that would benefit from CNC machining. Although a great deal of our construction process involves the careful craftsmanship of our carpenters, much of their time and talent is wasted making cuts that do not require the “human touch”. We plan to funnel more work into our CNC department who will oversee Gretchen and the production of numerous parts that can be cut and stored for future projects.

Drawing on Thomaston, Maine’s 200-year tradition of shipbuilding and fine craftsmanship, Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding is one of the world’s finest custom and semi-custom builder of sailing and motor yachts.  A family run, father and son business, Cabot and Drew Lyman’s boatyard specializes in composites, advanced composites and aluminum construction. Discriminating owners, world-class naval architects and designers all come to Lyman-Morse knowing that they are expert in any medium and are able to deliver dreams on time and on budget. Since the yard’s founding in 1978, more than 100 yachts have been sent down the St. George River ranging in scope from carbon fiber catamarans and traditional sailing sloops to not-so traditional carbon racing monohulls, stately motor yachts and sportfish powerboats to sporty jet boats and daysailers.

Lyman-Morse's broad-ranging capabilities are showcased not only by workmanship of the 90 plus-skilled workforce, but also by modern, energy efficient and expansive facilities. The 11-acre campus features 7 heated work buildings with 55,000 square feet of space for refit and repair/and boatbuilding. Servicing fine yachts is a natural outgrowth of boatbuilding. Repairs, rebuilds and servicing ship systems, along with upgrading gear and seasonal maintenance are handled by Lyman-Morse Service. The LMS team of experienced bluewater sailors and builders understand what proper maintenance is all about and is the reason experienced, and demanding yachtsmen deliver their yachts to Lyman-Morse.

The combination of a state-of-the-art facility with some of the world's finest craftsmen has allowed Lyman-Morse to expand into areas outside the marine world to work with architects, interior designers and government agencies to meet even the most interesting needs. 

For more information please call 207-354-6904 email: or visit  Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding 84 Knox Street Thomaston, Maine 04861

By Ocean Navigator