Internet for liveaboards

Internet access for a liveaboard can be a hassle when moving from marina to marina. Web access via a monthly cell phone plan is one option but an expensive one. My choice has been free or inexpensive Internet cafés or public library computers.

One nagging concern has always been the notion of leaving behind a web-browsing trail easily accessible by the next user. To avoid this problem, I use a USB memory stick loaded with a small program (540 Kilobytes) called RoboForm2Go. This program stores ten logon IDs and password combinations to your favorite web pages like email, bank, brokerage house, magazine membership, and so forth. When RoboForm is executed, a new toolbar appears below the MS Explorer toolbars. Using this toolbar and the stored ID/passwords, a user can automatically log on to favorite sites with one click. The entire list of IDs and passwords is protected by a master password that must be entered at the start of a computer session.

Aside from the benefit of one-click logon for a variety of hard to remember IDs and passwords, the program executes one more critically important function. When the memory stick is removed at the end of a session, the computer’s cache memory is wiped clean. This deletes the trail of web pages looked at through the RoboForm toolbar.

There are other bells and whistles to this program as well as an opportunity to buy an advanced version with more capacity and features. Check it out on

By Ocean Navigator