Intelligent Maintenance is a software company with a lot of ideas about, well…Maintenance

It takes a task that can be a chore and turns it into fun.

The company’s first product – reflecting its chief executive’s heritage as a racing sailor and boat rigger – is a program to help you maintain your sailboat in peak condition year in year out.

It’s a program that uses Anticipated Event Forecasting to let you know what to do when; where to find the parts you need and the tools that you need for the job. It provides records of maintenance and alerts for the future that enhance safety and will add significantly to any sailboat’s resale value.

This is a product that will be a ‘must have’ on any sailor’s birthday or Christmas list. It will probably be the most frequently used gift that a sailor will ever receive.

We all know that regular maintenance adds to our safety and that of our crew and guests. We know it makes our time on the water more efficient and more enjoyable. We know it can save us a small fortune in repair bills. But how often do we actually do it? Sometimes? Never?

AShipShapeSailboat changes all that. This Predictive Maintenance Program takes the work out of planning and, whether you do your own maintenance or get the boatyard to do it, gives you the tool to get the job done.

Intuitive, beautifully designed and a pleasure to use aboard or at home this program offers outstanding value for money and will add to your enjoyment of sailing right through the year.

As 6th generation sailor Dick Crewdson says, “When I first saw ShipShape I thought it was a ‘nice to have’. Now I’ve used it, I think it’s an essential”.

He’s not wrong!

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By Ocean Navigator