Instagram your way into Ocean Navigator

Do you want your voyaging-related* photo to appear in the Chartroom Chatter section of Ocean Navigator and the ON website? *(voyaging-related means the photo could show your boat just sitting on its mooring, but you intend to go voyaging someday!)
Just follow @OceanNavMag on Instagram and use the hashtag #OceanNavPix on your photos and you're automatically entered!

We'll peruse the #OceanNavPix tag and select our favorite photo to appear in each issue of the magazine! We'll contact you via your Instagram photo to get more information.
What are you waiting for?


What is Instagram?
Get it today on your smartphone. It's an app available on both iPhone and Android devices. Instagram is a social network that consists of a photo stream of you and your friends (and boat!). You can easily snap a photo or choose a photo from your library and apply fun and easy filters to it. You can add friends from your Facebook or Twitter feeds, or simply by adding their Instagram username.

What is a hashtag?
A hashtag is used on social networking sites to identify a keyword. People place a # symbol (called a hashtag) before a keyword to categorize their post. On Instagram, if you click on a hashtag, it will take you to a feed of all photos that have that hashtag.

How do I use a hashtag?
You can either use the hashtag in your original description of your photo, or you can place it in the comments. The hashtag can be placed in a comment right after you post the photo, or it can be placed onto an old photo of yours as well. Even if you place it on an old photo, it will appear as the most recent photo in a search of that hashtag.

Can I use a hashtag on more than one photo?

Yes! You can go through all of your old photos on Instagram and apply a hashtag. In the future, as you take a photo out on the water, just use the #OceanNavPix hashtag right away and we'll be able to see it! Instagram keeps a permanent archive of photos that have been tagged in such a manner.


You must use the hashtag #OceanNavPix to enter a photo, and NOT the @OceanNavMag mention. If we miss the "@OceanNavMag" mention, there is no way for us to go back and search during the judging periods before publishing. Hashtags are archived and searchable, while @ mentions are not.

Please take note that if your Instagram account is private, we will not be able to view the images you tag #OceanNavPix.

Official Rules:

To qualify for use, you must follow @OceanNavMag on Instagram AND use the #OceanNavPix hashtag on a photo.

All photographs retain the copyright from the owner of the image. Non-exclusive, non-commercial usage is granted to Ocean Navigator only for the purpose of publishing in relation to this contest and promotion of this contest.

By Ocean Navigator