Inflatables the preferred method of transport for terrorists?

In late May, Ed Washburn, vice president of leisure sales at Zodiac's North American division was warned by a special agent from the FBI that credible reports exist of plans by certain organizations to commit terrorist acts in the marine environment.

“Zodiac has been mentioned, specifically, and by name in intelligence reports supplied to U.S. Security Agencies,” Washburn wrote in a letter alerting the company's more than 300 U.S. dealers. Washburn has asked that dealers note any inquiries that are suspicious in nature and report them directly to their local FBI offices.

It is unclear whether or not the FBI's interest includes other brands.

Zodiac is the inflatable of choice for assault teams like the U.S. Navy SEALS, the U.S. Coast Guard and Greenpeace. The craft are rugged, low-profile, fast, and they will float even if their tubes are deflated.

By Ocean Navigator