INEOS Team UK names Harken Official Supplier of Winch Systems and Deck Hardware for the 36th America’s Cup

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As Official Supplier to INEOS Team UK, Harken is already at work designing, testing and manufacturing componentry integral to the performance of the team’s test boat (T5) and its two AC75s. Harken will supply deck hardware, winches and pedestals, gearboxes, blocks and hydraulic componentry produced in its Pewaukee, Wisconsin USA and Limido Comasco, Italy factories.

“Harken is pleased to be extending our more than 40 year history of developing technology for the America’s Cup,” said Harken Chairman, Peter Harken. “This work we’re doing with INEOS Team UK represents some of the toughest challenges we’ll ever confront. It’s not going too far to say we built our whole company to be ready for what we’re doing here.”

Mark Wiss, Harken Director of Custom and Grand Prix Sales explained, “Right now, INEOS Team UK components are traveling discretely through our factories. They’re moving from Engineering to Production to Testing, to the team. As we are called to do, we’re documenting precisely that they perform as designed. Harken is very proud that soon, they’ll be on the water. At The Front. It’s Game On!”

“Each Cup cycle is unique. We well may look back on this one and remember it for these never-before-imagined AC75 foiling monohulls. With so much to learn and so much to create for the first time, we must limit risk wherever we can. Selecting Harken was the natural choice—as much for the confidence they’ll deliver, as for the quality of what they’ll build for our team,” said INEOS Team UK CEO Grant Simmer.

The Harken-INEOS Team UK partnership will be active throughout the 36th America’s Cup cycle from this development and testing period through the launches of both of the team’s in-build AC75s and through to Auckland where Harken will continue its history of ‘in-competition’ technical and mechanical support.

By Ocean Navigator