Indie sailing film on seeking an iceberg


A sailing couple named Ben Eriksen and Teresa Carey posed a simple question. What would it be like to sail a boat north to find an iceberg in the North Atlantic? They embarked on a journey to do just that on board Eriksen's 1990 Sam L Morse Bristol Channel Cutter. Also on board was a cameraman to record their trip, with the idea of turning the resulting footage into a documentary film. The voyage was partly to find an iceberg but also to experience a simple approach to life on board. The film's press kit puts it this way:

"Their goal, simple yet elusive, is to sail north until they find an iceberg—but they need to sail over 1600 miles before the first sign of ice. Cramped in tight quarters, together they endure sleepless nights, thick fog, rough weather and icy northern water. In an unexpected twist, they realize how the quest to see an iceberg, like the iceberg itself, has so much more below the surface."

Eriksen and Carey outfitted the boat with a variety of new gear: two 65w solar panels, an Air Breeze wind generator, a second bow anchor (33 lb bruce), an upgraded Radar RL70RC, a dodger, weather cloths, new interior cushions, a HAM radio and an AIS receiver. 

The result of their voyage is a documentary film called "A Simple Question." You can see the trailer below. According to Eriksen, the film is being edited now and will be released in the spring of 2013. Eriksen and Carey and fellow filmmaker Derek Alan Rowe are looking for funds to help finish the editing and get the film into distribution. Go to their website for more info

By Ocean Navigator