iNavX Establishes Direct Partnership Between Chart Providers and Users

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San Francisco, Calif. – iNavX, the benchmark mobile marine navigation application, announced today that it will be releasing an entirely new backend system on December 1, 2018. Designed for speed, stability and security, the new iNavX backend system will replace the legacy Fugawi system, and better support iNavX users by establishing a direct relationship between iNavX and the many chart providers offered through its platform.

“Our development team has been working for some time to create our own infrastructure, so we can better serve iNavX users,” said Shaun Steingold, CEO, NavX Studios. “By moving the app infrastructure in-house and building on current relationships with our chart providers, we are confident we can offer an unparalleled system and deliver a more efficient user experience.”  

Beginning December 1, 2018, the new iNavX backend system will replace the Fugawi infrastructure to improve service delivery. In a recent announcement to their customers, Fugawi stated that as of November 30, it will no longer sell downloadable charts, renewals or content for use with navigation software and apps. The iNavX and Fugawi teams have been working in collaboration to ensure continuity of delivery and performance, with no interruption of service for all users.

A handheld solution for marine navigation, iNavX allows users to find their location using the mobile device’s GPS, as well as plotting course, bearing and waypoints. The app includes access to the broadest collection of charts from leading chart providers including Navionics, NV Charts, Explorer and Waterway Guide. Theyr Weather and iNavX AIS Live, are optional services, providing a slick graphical overlay for all weather and AIS information that any mariner would want. GRIB forecasts and weather overlays can easily be downloaded and displayed on the app as well.

iNavX is available for the Apple App Store for USD$49.99. iNavX is available as a free download for Android devices and includes basic chart and location services. iNavX Android PRO, a premium service of enhanced navigational features such as setting waypoints, routes and tracking is available for USD$59.99 per year. Chart purchases vary by provider and region from USD$19.99 to USD$249.99. For more information on iNavX, contact or visit

By Ocean Navigator