Ida Lewis Distance Race Youth Challenge

Ida Lewis

This summer junior sailors will have an opportunity to test their offshore sailing skills. Organizers of the Ida Lewis Distance Race have announced a Youth Challenge aimed at introducing young sailors to offshore racing. The race is scheduled to start Aug. 20. The 150-mile course is offered to Performance Handicap Racing Fleet classes.

According to race committee organizer Joe Cooper, “The idea of the Ida Lewis Distance Race Youth Challenge is to give junior programs an incentive to organize teams and develop the skills necessary to succeed in a medium-distance overnight race. We have already had various teams compete in the race with kids onboard, and we have recognized that because it is a manageable distance — not too long but not too short, either — it lends itself to this.”

To qualify, more than 50 percent of the crew must have reached their 14th birthday, but not their 19th birthday prior to August 20. There must be a minimum of two adults aboard, one serving as captain. The adults will provide supervision only. Teams must also be registered under the flag of a U.S. Sailing yacht club or community-based sailing organization.

“The goal of the Ida Lewis Distance Race Youth Challenge is to introduce junior sailors to the disciplines of seamanship: navigating, night sailing, safety-related issues, coordination of larger crews, sail handling and related areas of big boat sailing that are not required in typical dinghy-based programs,” said Cooper.

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By Ocean Navigator