Icom Announces New M324, M324G and M424G VHF Marine Radios, Select Features Include Built-in GPS

KIRKLAND, Wash. – Icom America introduces a new series of VHF marine radios: the IC-M324, the IC-M324G and the IC-M424G fixed mount transceivers. Icom's newest models feature built-in Class D DSC, integrated GPS for select radios (G versions only), and the manufacturer's popular intuitive user interface. Additionally, Icom announces a new COMMANDMIC™ (HM-195GB/GW) option for M424G second station capability.

The M324, M324G and M424G include Class D DSC, which supports Ch. 70 monitoring, a position request/report function and various DSC calls. Integrated GPS is available in both the M324G and M424G models. The built-in GPS receiver can be used for DSC calls and displays current position, date and time.

All three radios feature the same interface design utilized in Icom's latest marine products. A directional keypad and soft-key assignments promote fast access to various radio functions and menu settings. For increased readability and nighttime operation, the M324 and M324G emit an amber (orange-colored) glow. For a modern yet practical look, the M424G's screen and rubber keys feature a white backlight.

Active noise canceling, 10W loud audio, public address and foghorn functions are features exclusive to the M424G model. For second station capability, the M424G can be connected to the newest COMMANDMIC. Like the M424G, this optional remote control microphone features Class D DSC, an intuitive user interface, and a white backlit screen and laser-cut keys.

Icom's new M324, M324G and M424G are compact, meet MIL-STD 810 specifications and rated IPX7 for submersible protection. The radios are also feature AquaQuake™ and are compatible with Icom's MarineCommander™ and MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder. The M324, M324G, M424G and new COMMANDMIC are available in Black or Super White.

The M324, M324G and M424G officially debut at the 2015 Progressive Miami International Boat Show and are available in early 2015. For more information, visit each radio's product page on the Icom America site

By Ocean Navigator