Hybrid to use diesel and sun

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Island Pilot, LLC of Miami, Fla., builder of the Island Pilot 435 Crossover Trawler plans to introduce a new breed of cruiser this year. The company, which builds its boats at Uni Shine Marine in Zhuhai, China, has dubbed the new boat the Pilot DSe Hybrid 12m (39’ in length). As a true hybrid, the motoryacht will incorporate solar and diesel electric power and is built around a twin-hull structure for stability and to maximize living area as well as to provide space for the solar panel arrays.

The new yacht was designed in conjunction with naval architect George Petrie and can travel at 7 knots in the zero emissions mode and/or up to 13 knots under diesel power. A 6 kW solar array and a 20 kW-hour battery bank eliminate any need for generator at anchor. In addition to being economical, the DSe Hybrid 12m will also feature many of the amenities found on conventional motoryachts such as a large, well appointed galley and spacious accommodations.

According to Reuben Trane, president of Island Pilot, “At a time with record high oil prices, we are bringing to market a product that will dramatically reduce the most visible expense of a recreational motorboat — the cost of diesel.”

The company plans to introduce the boat at the 2008 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida. For more information visit www.dsehybrid.com.

By Ocean Navigator