Hurricane anchoring

Anchoring in the path of a hurricane isn’t high on the list of the average voyager. However, there may come a time when you have no choice but to find a hurricane hole, batten down and anchor. Putting out three anchors makes sense, but when the storm does pass through, the three rodes have a good chance of getting tangled and fouled. Colligo Marine of Mesa, Ariz., has just patented  a Hurricane Anchor System. The assembly uses two plates joined by a swivel (see accompanying photo). The upper plate is attached to the boat, the lower plate can be fastened to three anchors. The swivel allows the boat to move and turn with no fouling of the rodes below. Its a clever bit of gear for the voyager.  

From the press release: Colligo Marine has received United States Patent Number 7,516,713 for its unique hurricane anchor system that helps boat owners in the path of storms anchor their vessels securely – even in the highest winds and waves.

Colligo Marine Hurricane Anchor System

The Colligo system allows for the placement of three anchors on a swivel and three lines back to the boat. The boat can then swivel on the anchors without getting anchor chains and lines twisted around each other. The minimum breaking strength for this heavy-duty system is over 30,000 lbs. It comes complete with galvanized bridle plates, shackles and a swivel. Mono and multi-hull models are available.

The Colligo Marine hurricane anchor system is distributed by Taylor Made Products as the Storm Surge Anchor System and available at marine retailers across the US. For more information, visit or call 1+480.703.3675

By Ocean Navigator