Hawaii by Sextant


Hawaii by Sextant: An In-depth Exercise in Celestial Navigation Using Real Sextant Sights and Logbook Entries
By David Burch &
Stephen Miller
Starpath Publications, Seattle, Wash.

Hawaii by Sextant is an exercise in ocean navigation by celestial navigation alone. It assumes that the reader has learned the basics of celestial navigation and is endeavoring to hone their skills using real voyage data including logbook entries, daily sight data, computed solutions, plotted work form solutions, and a comprehensive analysis of each problem.

The book is complete with altitude correction tables, Polaris tables, interpolation tables for sun and moon rise, arc to time conversions, and daily tables for the relevant year, month, and day. There are also blank plotting sheets and forms. Published by a respected school and authored by master navigators, Hawaii by Sextant is an excellent exercise book for any serious celestial navigator.

By Ocean Navigator