Greenland Huskies on vacation

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In our next issue, we have a story from New Zealand sailors Craig and Peter Smith about their passage to Greenland's southwest coast on board Peter's custom aluminum sloop, Kiwi Roa. One interesting aspect of life in Greenland noticed by the Smiths was the packs of Husky sled dogs whiling away the summer months with little to do until the arrival of winter.

"Ashore, huskies are everywhere. The working dogs are bred here for all Greenland, and are a protected pure breed – no other dogs are permitted north of the Arctic Circle, to maintain the tenacious close-to-the-wild nature of the local dogs on which Greenlanders depend. During the summer they laze around on holiday, usually in sight of their laid-up sleds, nibbling on seal meat or fish, waiting for some meaning and responsibility in life when the snow comes."

By Ocean Navigator