Green Dragon brings up rear of difficult VOR leg

Finishing at the end of the pack in Boston after 15 days at sea, team Green Dragon were glad to be in harbor again.  But despite a bad finish in leg six, the team continues to hold an overall standing in the middle of the Volvo Ocean Race pack.  

[Skipper Ian Walker:]  ’I just had a chat with the lads at the end and I said, ‘a lot of crews wouldn’t still be together after the tough last leg, running out of food and the problems we’ve had to overcome, and then this leg, finishing last and slipping further and further behind on the long reaching sequence…’ But I think the fact that we’re all here, we’re all smiling, that speaks volumes.

‘It’s funny how your concept of scale changes. I used to think sailing across the English Channel was a long way. Now, when I got in the Atlantic, I thought I was nearly home. I’d never done a transatlantic before this race, but now Galway doesn’t seem far away at all.’

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By Ocean Navigator