Government nav publications all on one disk

From Ocean Navigator #132
September/October 2003
Years ago, no navigator would head to sea without a bookshelf choked

with the numerous publications required to find one’s way across an ocean and into unfamiliar ports: Coast Pilots, Light Lists, H.O. 249, H.O. 229, the Nautical Almanac, Chart No. 1, Tide Tables and on and on. The weight of all these volumes could well exceed 100 lbs. For those who are inclined to carry computers on their boats, there is now an alternative to these print publications: Steve and Linda Dashew’s Navigator’s Library, a single CD-ROM containing all the copyright-free government publications one could ever hope for, including the bicentennial edition of Bowditch.

Navigator’s Library, which, in its handy protective case, probably weighs under 2 ounces, is compatible with Windows PCs and is available from the Dashews’ Beowulf Press for $79.95.

By Ocean Navigator