GOST Launches Streamlined Vessel Tracking Interface – Specter

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Screen Shot 2020 10 28 At 8.59.13 AmFort Lauderdale, Fla. – GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies), a world leader in marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems, announced its next generation vessel tracking interface – the GOST Specter.

The intuitive website easily works on mobile and desktop browsers on any device. The secure Specter interface is streamlined and user-friendly and allows geo-fence control and alerts, remote arm/disarm functionality, as well as real-time GPS tracking of a vessel anywhere in the world. Designed to take full advantage of Inmarsat’s new constellation of satellites, which communicates with GOST’s latest vessel tracking systems – the GOST IDP Series – the new interface offers users almost real-time satellite control. Specter retains a 90-day tracking history and text/email alerts. It is also capable of monitoring multiple vessels for fleet management. Created specifically for private tracking and alerting of events, the GOST IDP Series vessel tracking and monitoring devices also allows family and friends to provide support if a boat is in peril or notify maritime authorities if there is a deviation from the float plan.

“The latest generation of Inmarsat satellite technology provides vastly improved communication speeds,” said Jay Keenan, president/CEO, GOST. “Our new IDP antennas are designed to take full advantage of this powerful functionality. The new Specter interface is a powerful system for monitoring and managing your vessel from anywhere in the world. We are confident that our customers will be thrilled with the peace of mind provided by our full line of vessel tracking systems.”

Specter allows boat owners to link to vessel data from a corresponding Nav-Tracker IDP device. Once users log in, Specter displays a global map with icons showing locations of all vessels in the user’s fleet, anywhere on Earth except the extreme poles. Each icon can be clicked to review expanded details. When a vessel is selected, the date and time of the last report received is displayed, which can be adjusted to the user’s preference. It also shows the most recent latitude and longitude, boat speed, heading, status of whether security system is armed or disarmed, nearby points-of-interest, as well as antenna input voltage and signal strength. From this screen the vessel can be polled for its current location and the geo-fence or full system can be remotely armed/disarmed, depending on which version of the IDP GOST system is installed. An armed system will provide immediate notification of any movement or, for users with a full security system, an audible alarm if triggered. Tracking history can also be displayed on a map, which is embedded in the interface. Users can customize their screen, to overlay satellite imagery or set it to Night Mode for easy viewing.

For more information on GOST and its full line of security products, contact info@gost.com or visit www.gost.com.

By Ocean Navigator